Anger management: Tools and strategies for de-escalating intense co-parenting situations

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Navigating co-parenting can be one of the most challenging aspects of separation or divorce.

When unresolved conflict, breakdowns in communication and differing parenting styles come into play, it creates a volatile environment for both parents and children.

On a recent episode of Leanne Townsend’s Divorcing Well podcast, family law lawyer Patricia Nelson shared valuable tips for de-escalating high-conflict parenting situations.

Nelson said parents must recognize that children can sense the tension. Unnecessary conflicts prolong legal cases and drain emotional resources, impacting the family’s financial well-being and emotional connection.

Leanne and Patricia also discussed the benefits of seeking support and guidance during divorce, through individual or family counselling or by enrolling in courses to learn effective strategies for co-parenting.

This episode is essential listening for anyone trying to co-parent with someone who has a high-conflict personality.

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Should I stay or should I go? The pros and cons of selling, keeping the family home in divorce

Deciding whether to keep or sell the matrimonial home after a split can be an emotionally charged process.

In one of our most popular blogs, Leanne  Townsend provides valuable tips on navigating this decision and offers insights on the pros and cons of each option.

Selling the home may be the best choice if neither party can afford to buy the other out, providing a fresh start for both individuals. However, keeping the home can have advantages, such as minimizing disruptions for children by maintaining their routines and surroundings.

When opting to keep the home and secure a mortgage, it is important to be aware of the financial institution’s requirements, including providing a separation agreement and disclosing child and spousal support payments.

Investing in harmony: The financial and emotional benefits of healthy co-parenting in grey divorce

Co-parenting after divorce presents challenges that vary significantly depending on whether young or grown children are involved.

While the needs of young children require active guidance and support, mature children benefit from witnessing a healthy post-divorce relationship as a valuable life lesson, according to a recent Psychology Today article.

In the article, psychologists Carol Hughes and Bruce Fredenburg say that establishing a positive co-parenting dynamic can bring peace, reduce emotional turmoil and preserve family unity during this major life transition, whether children are minors or grown adults.

“It’s about treating the other parent with respect, maintaining open lines of communication, showing consistency in decision-making and adapting to changes,” they write.

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