Can You Get Custody of Fido in Divorce?

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Leanne’s Divorcing Well podcast: Tips for co-parenting a child with behavioural issues

Co-parenting after divorce can be particularly challenging for parents of a child who has behaviour issues.

While it’s not uncommon for children to act out when parents separate, co-parents who don’t get along well frequently disagree over the best way to address the behaviour, creating even more tension in an already strained relationship.

On a recent episode of Divorcing Well, I spoke with Kimball Lewis of Empowering Parents. He says there are tools and techniques to help even the most contentious co-parents navigate this challenging situation.

Step one is for parents to acknowledge they have a common goal: their child’s well-being). Step two is to accept that you have no control over what happens when your child is at their other parent’s house and vice versa.

If you and your ex are in conflict over how to parent your child, make sure you tune in to this episode for Kimball’s advice.

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Fighting over Fido: How family courts deal with pets of divorce

Separating spouses are increasingly turning to family courts to settle disputes about their pets. 

While dogs, cats and other animals are commonly seen as integral members of their families, Canadian law defines and treats them as property. That means that when a judge is asked to decide Fido’s future, they do so by determining ownership of the animal.

In a recent post, family law lawyer Alyssa Warias details the two main approaches that have emerged in Canadian courts when determining ownership of pets and shares important insights from some recent cases.

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Divorce is difficult enough for adults to navigate and it can be even harder for children who feel like their world is falling apart. Divorce can be all-consuming but there are ways parents can prioritize their children to ensure they feel safe and loved despite the changing family dyna

Highlights from Instagram Live

Every week, I co-host an Instagram Live show with family lawyer Steve Benmor, where we discuss issues on the minds of divorced or divorcing spouses. Here are the topics from a couple of recent shows. Click on the link to check out the full episode.

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Jewish religious divorce: Getting a get

In Judaism, a marriage is terminated through a divorce ceremony where the husband gives his wife a document of divorce known as a get. On this IG Live, we explore the differences between religious and civil divorce, including what happens when a Jewish husband refuses to grant his wife a get.

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