Empowered co-parenting: How to develop a mindful approach with Mikki Gardener

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Regardless of how uncooperative your co-parent may be, you have a choice in how you experience the co-parenting relationship, according to conscious parenting coach Mikki Gardener.

Mikki recently appeared on Divorcing Well and told Leanne Townsend that establishing a positive co-parenting dynamic can be challenging when there’s a history of pain, anger and trauma.

When parents embrace conscious co-parenting, it signifies a mindful approach where decisions are made intentionally, with a clear understanding of their ‘what’ and ‘why’, she explained.

The “three A’s” strategy could set parents up for success: awareness, agency, and aligned action.

Learning how to be more aware and present, Mikki said, is the greatest skill parents could learn for themselves and to teach children.

From navigating high-conflict dynamics to more amicable situations, this podcast is essential listening for divorcing parents seeking effective co-parenting insights.

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Expert weighs in on the importance of protecting children from interparental conflict

Even when parents go through a breakup, they can come together and agree that their children come first.

An insightful article by New York Family gives tips on how to successfully co-parent, featuring expert Sabrina Shaheen Cronin, a U.S. lawyer.

Divorce can be detrimental to a child’s mental state, so Cronin suggests parents keep conflict hidden, whether verbal or non-verbal (children are good at picking up tension!). It may be hard to hide your unfavourable feelings for your ex, but it’s for your child’s well-being.

Allow your children to see the other parent in a healthy light. This will take strength, especially if you feel strong negativity toward them, but not speaking ill of the other parent is so important.

Cronin also says consistency is key. This means getting on the same page with the other parent, including when it comes to rules, routines, and more, as kids thrive on structure.

Above all, remind your children even though life looks and feels a little different, their other parent is still their parent and loves them very much.


Leanne Townsend’s tips for what not to do as a parent during divorce to minimize stress for the kids

Divorce is an emotionally charged process for everyone in the family, including the children. In a recent blog, Leanne Townsend shares advice for parents on what not to do during a split, so stress for the kids is minimized:

  • Don’t expose children to conflict: A child’s emotional health can be seriously impacted by ongoing exposure to parental fights, conflicts, and antagonism.
  • Don’t use children as messengers: This puts strain on a child and places them in between arguments. Parents should find a healthier form of communication.
  • Don’t speak negatively about their other parent: Children become distrustful of both parents when one of them disparages the other.
  • Don’t neglect the child’s emotional needs: Create a safe environment for children during this time of turmoil, especially when they can feel a range of emotions from anger to grief to worry. Counselling might be helpful, too.

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