Financial resilience after divorce: Advisor shares strategies every woman can benefit from

Divorcing Well

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Financial literacy isn’t just about numbers — it’s about unlocking the door to your desired future.

This is especially true for women who are getting divorced and have relied on their spouse to handle the family’s money. That person won’t be the one managing those finances anymore.

On a recent episode of the Divorcing Well podcast, Leanne Townsend spoke with financial advisor Francesca Rea about the importance of having a bank account, financial planning, understanding how to manage your money, and more.

Francesca suggests women should examine their feelings toward money, including dispelling fears about managing it. She says hiring a wealth advisor could also be beneficial in addition to doing your research and learning about investing and managing money.

If you’re ready to take control of your financial future and learn essential skills for a more secure tomorrow, tune in to learn from Francesca’s valuable insights.

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Divorced with children: Expert tips for designing a bulletproof co-parenting plan

With divorce rocking the foundation of the family unit, it’s paramount to create a parenting plan to keep life running smoothly when it comes to raising children.

In a recent blog, Leanne Townsend shares some tips on how to weave a well-crafted plan to set the stage for effective co-parenting.




Here’s some advice:

  • Take a child-centric approach. This means your child’s best interests are prioritized in an environment that nurtures growth.
  • Hone communication skills and find what works best as parents to discuss your child.
  • Be flexible and compromise with your ex and collaborate to find conflict solutions.
  • Define parenting schedules. This includes clearly outlining custody and vacations while trying to be equitable with time sharing the kids.
  • Outline decision-making responsibilities. Beyond physical custody, decide how major decisions in a child’s life are handled, such as education, healthcare, and upbringing.
  • Remember to include extended family members in your child’s life, as these relationships are key to their growth, too.

Seeking guidance from a family law professional can be a valuable compass through the complexities of crafting a parenting plan.

Divorce party trend: Healthy empowerment or harmful fad?

You’ve heard of birthday parties and gender reveal celebrations for babies.

But queue up the confetti poppers because some splitting couples are throwing a divorce party.

These unconventional gatherings are gaining popularity, challenging traditional norms surrounding divorce and separation.

A recent article by Your Tango looks into whether this trend is harmful or healthy.

Statistics show that 40-50% of marriages end in divorce, though about two-thirds of women and more than half of men find love and re-marry. The article points out that divorce parties can be a source of empowerment, cheering people up and celebrating the launch of the next chapter of life.

Above all, the piece underscores the importance of finding the best way to grieve divorce for yourself. It’s a deeply personal and unique process. Divorce parties may work for some, but not others — and that’s OK.

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