How nesting helps minimize disruption in divorce — from the woman who wrote the book on it

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We often assume children are resilient, but it is important to recognize that the upheaval of separation and its knock-on effects can significantly challenge their emotional well-being.

Parents looking to minimize the adverse effects of their split on the children are turning to a co-parenting technique known as nesting, where the children remain in the family home and the divorced parents take turns living there.

On a recent episode of the Divorcing Well podcast, Leanne Townsend spoke with Beth Behrendt, author of Nesting After Divorce: Co-Parenting in the Family Home

Despite the challenges faced by the parents in implementing and communicating it to others, Beth says this co-parenting arrangement provides stability and consistency for children of divorce.

Parents considering a nesting arrangement should create strict guidelines on living rules, divvying household responsibilities, maintaining privacy and more.

To explore whether nesting might work for your family, check out the episode for Beth’s practical tips and suggestions.

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Anxiety, loss, and guilt: Understanding the emotional journey of teens in divorce

Teenagers caught in the turbulence of divorce often face a whirlwind of emotions. Their world is turned upside down, and they commonly struggle with anxiety and feelings of loss, abandonment, and guilt.

In her recent blog, Leanne Townsend examines how divorce can impact a teenager’s sense of identity and the potential disruptions to their social and academic lives due to their stage of development and increasing independence.

Teens can experience anxiety, a sense of loss related to the dissolution of their family unit and feelings of abandonment. These emotional struggles can manifest in their current relationships and have a lasting impact on future relationships.

Divorce can also hinder their academic performance, according to U.S.-based psychologist Sharlene Wolchik, perhaps due to stress and feelings of instability.

However, with the right tools and support, teenagers can become stronger and more resilient through a divorce. The takeaway for parents is to be emotionally available for their teens and prepared to seek professional help, if necessary. 


Dating with kids: Building healthy relationships while supporting your children’s well-being

Navigating the dating scene after divorce can be daunting for single parents.

Experts suggest moving slowly as you consider whether your new partner is a good fit for your family. Timing is crucial, as children need time to adjust to the divorce. Introducing a new love interest too soon may disrupt their healing process.

An article by Patheos shares some useful tips for parents to ease kids’ experience:

  • Your children’s needs may clash with your desire for intimacy.
  • Give children time to adjust to the split before dating.
  • Mind your children’s emotional needs.
  • Set a good example of healthy and responsible dating.
  • Enjoy dating when your children are with their other parent.

By approaching dating thoughtfully and considering your children’s needs, you can build new relationships sensibly and minimize the potential challenges for your family.


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