How to get your post-divorce revenge body to feel empowered and look your best

Divorcing Well

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After a divorce, many people find solace and empowerment in hitting the gym, embracing it as a transformative outlet for physical and emotional well-being.

In a recent episode of the Divorcing Well podcast, Leanne Townsend spoke with health coach Maverick Willett about how to get your post-divorce “revenge body” to feel empowered and look your best.

Willett emphasized that simplicity is the key to fostering motivation for healthy eating and fitness habits. By setting small goals and gradually building momentum, you can pave the way for sustainable progress. Rather than resorting to extreme methods for achieving results, he suggested focusing on repetition.

There are three key components to transforming your body, he said: consume enough protein to feel full and burn more calories during digestion, walk more and increase that step count, and take up weight training.

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The root of separation: Exploring common triggers for divorce

While divorce can be complex, there are several common causes for a marriage to fall apart. According to a recent Townsend Family Law blog by co-op student Malak Mohamed, here are the top five reasons for divorce:

Infidelity: As one of the most frequent causes of divorce, cheating breaches trust and can evoke feelings of betrayal, hurt or rage.

Financial difficulties: This situation adds strain to relationships.

Poor communication: When speaking up stops, conflict can start. Communication is the foundation of any relationship.

Change over time: Relationships can fall apart if the couple grows apart or develops different values, goals or hobbies.

Abuse: Whether verbal, physical or emotional, sometimes divorce is the only option to protect yourself after experiencing abuse and the fear and violation of your safety that comes with it.

From chaos to consistency: How nesting transformed the divorce journey for one family

After parents separate, it’s typical to see the children going between households to spend time with each parent, but there’s an untraditional alternative called “nesting co-parenting” that may be a better fit for some parents.

In a recent Insider article, Beth Behrendt shares her experience with nesting. In this co-parenting arrangement, the children stay in the family home while each parent lives there on a predetermined schedule. This allows the children to enjoy stability and familiarity in their surroundings, providing a sense of security during the challenging times of divorce.

While this method may not work for everyone, Behrendt says it helped her family avoid the hassles divorced parents often face when dealing with children that move between households. Most importantly, it gives the kids consistency.

If this is something you’re interested in exploring, having the help of lawyers, financial planners and therapists can be beneficial, as it was in Behrendt’s case.

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