How to Take Control of Your Financial Future After Divorce

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Leanne’s Divorcing Well podcast: Achieving financial indepedence after divorce

Going through a divorce can come with a significant financial hit, but there are ways to empower yourself and take control of your financial future.

On a recent episode of Divorcing Well, I spoke with Millen Livis, a financial coach, author and CEO of Dare to Change Life.

Millen shares that her divorce left her financially devastated, but she quickly figured out that to have the kind of life she wanted, she would have to become financially independent.

“To me, freedom means living life on my terms. Not working for someone you don’t want to work for.”

Millen provides practical advice on how to rebuild and the steps you can take to protect yourself. Her story will inspire and empower you. You do not want to miss this episode.

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What is gaslighting and how do you know if you’re guilty of it?

Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse that causes the individual on the receiving end to question their experiences or reality.

Consider the phrase “I’m sorry you feel that way.” This simple sentence can be used in many different contexts, but it’s particularly effective at ending an argument or disagreement without admitting fault.

The problem is that this reaction also invalidates a person’s feelings, causing them to question whether their concern is legitimate, or whether they’re simply too sensitive.

According to an article in Psychology Today, it’s a form of manipulation rooted in colonizing ideology. In other words, gaslighting is an outdated and inhumane practice that needs to be eradicated, a move that starts with self-awareness.

If you’d like to learn more about the practice of gaslighting, including some ways to identify whether you’re guilty of it, check out the article below.

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Introducing Irina Kochkina, Mills & Mills LLP family law clerk

Please say hello to Irina Kochkina, a family law clerk and the newest addition to Mills & Mills LLP’s Family Law Group

Irina is passionate about family law and helping people as they navigate one of the most challenging experiences of their lives. 

She takes pride in ensuring our clients’ needs are met, both professionally and emotionally when they need the extra support.

If you would like to reach out to Irina, you can contact her here.

Highlights from Divorce Explained

Every week, Leanne Townsend co-hosts an Instagram Live show with family lawyer Steve Benmor, where they discuss issues on the minds of those who are divorced or divorcing. Here are the topics from a couple of recent shows. Click on the photo to check out the full episode.

Moving with children after divorce not a simple proposition

As a divorced parent, relocating is never a straightforward proposition, whether it’s to a new neighborhood in the same city or to another country.

On this IG Live we break down the steps parents who share decision-making responsibility and parenting time must follow if they intend to relocate.

Financial assistance from mom and dad: gift or loan?

It’s not uncommon for parents to help out with the downpayment for a couple’s first home, especially in a hot housing market. 

Things can get complicated, however, when the marriage doesn’t work out, and the parties disagree on whether the money was a gift or a loan. We tell you how to protect yourself on this IG Live.

Serving clients during COVID-19

As we continue to navigate the new normal amid the COVID-19 pandemic,
the safety and well-being of clients is our top priority. Social distancing is vital right now to prevent the spread of the virus so I will continue to work with clients through virtual meetings. If you have any questions or concerns about your family law matter or would like to schedule a meeting, please reach out to me by email.


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