Instilling reason and insight in turbulent times: the transformative power of divorce coaching


transformative power of divorce coaching

Going through separation and divorce isn’t easy for anyone, but it is particularly challenging for couples in high conflict who have lost the ability to communicate effectively.

Challenging, but not insurmountable. On a recent episode of Divorcing Well, Leanne Townsend spoke with divorce coach Jennifer Aternino about the benefits of coaching for former spouses facing disagreements on various fronts.

When there’s intense conflict, she says emotions often cloud decision-making, and a divorce coach can serve as a guide to instil reason and insight.

But a divorce coach isn’t just for high-conflict couples; Aternino says coaching can help anyone navigate the complexities of separation with resilience and clarity.

Whether you’re facing challenging decisions, emotional hurdles, or seeking guidance on the path ahead, she says a divorce coach can help you gain insights, develop coping strategies and emerge from the process with a stronger sense of self and purpose.

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transformative power of divorce coaching
With the new year upon us, veteran family lawyer Leanne Townsend is sharing her top 10 resolutions for a smoother divorce in her recent blog.

Resolution #1: Set a clear goal for yourself. Outline your priorities in the divorce to make for a clear vision of what you hope to achieve, whether that be financial stability, obtaining child custody, or reaching an amicable settlement.

Resolution #2: Gather important documents, including bank statements, tax returns, property deeds, etc.

Resolution #3: Educate yourself on your rights to be empowered throughout your split.

Resolution #4: Embrace positive lifestyle changes as you process the divorce and grow, including taking up fitness, a new hobby, or even joining a support group.

Resolution #5: Sharpen your financial planning skills for a secure future or seek out an expert.

Check out the blog for the complete list of resolutions and to learn how effective communication with your former partner can lead to more favourable outcomes for everyone.

Kids are impressionable, especially during the process of divorce.

When parents have conversations with their children, they should be honest and use age-appropriate language with how the divorce is explained, according to one expert.

Ottawa neuropsychologist Milse Furtado told City News that as children go through this stressful period, parents should make them feel safe and reassure them that parent-child bonds will remain — especially for those aged three to six.

“Always keep the developmental minds in mind when giving the information,” said Dr. Furtado.

For teens, she suggests parents speak to them in more adult terms because they will have an enhanced understanding of relationships that little ones don’t have, but this doesn’t mean parents should over-share details.

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