Support for Divorced Dads Facing Parental Alienation

Leanne Townsend is the Chair of the Family Law Group at Mills & Mills LLP, which includes associate lawyers Allie Cuperfain, Alyssa Warias and Alexandra Forsyth-Sells, administrative assistant Mia Asido and law clerks Fiona Ly and Sweta Panchal. Each month our group sends out a newsletter full of helpful tips, advice and insights to help you navigate through family/fertility legal challenges.

Leanne’s Divorcing Well podcast: Unique challenges facing divorced dads

While divorced mothers are often viewed in a favourable light, society frequently stigmatizes divorced dads as “deadbeats” who have abandoned their children — emotionally, financially or both.

On a recent episode of Divorcing Well, I spoke with Tracy Poizner, a parenting coach who works exclusively with divorced dads. She says that many fathers are “sailing without a rudder” trying to parent their children post-divorce because they don’t have access to the same support resources available to women.

We discuss some of the challenges dads face following a divorce, particularly in cases involving high-conflict dynamics and parental alienation. Tracy provides some great advice on how dads can achieve success and satisfaction in their family life and make the highest possible impact in their child’s world.

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How to avoid scheduling conflicts with your co-parent during the holidays

For divorced parents who don’t have a formal parenting plan or separation agreement addressing parenting time on the holidays, these occasions can become a great source of conflict. 

Holiday traditions, nostalgic feelings, and fear of losing quality time with children make it increasingly challenging to agree on how the holidays will be shared, writes family law lawyer Alyssa Warias in a recent post.

She says it’s important that parents give themselves enough time to negotiate a holiday parenting schedule that works best for their family. This will help avoid last-minute disputes and the uncertainty that comes with having a judge determine the parenting schedule.

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Please say hello to Sweta Panchal, family law clerk at Mills & Mills LLP

Sweta Panchal is a law clerk in Mills & Mills LLP’s Family Law Group. providing essential support to our busy team of family lawyers.

Sweta graduated from the University of Waterloo, with an Honours B.A. degree in legal studies and a minor in peace and conflict studies. 

She has also spent time volunteering with a sexual assault centre.

If you would like to reach out to Sweta, you can contact her here.

Highlights from Instagram Live

Every week, I co-host Divorce Explained, an Instagram Live show with family lawyer Steve Benmor, where we discuss issues on the minds of those who are divorced or divorcing. Here are the topics from a couple of recent shows. Click on the photo to check out the full episode.

Tips for talking to your co-parent about vaccines for your young children

Going to court isn’t the best way for parents to resolve a disagreement about vaccinating young children against COVID.

On this IG Live we share our tried-and-true strategies for having more productive conversations with your co-parent. You don’t want to miss this one!

Can parenting time be suspended on the basis of COVID vaccination status?

Join us as we analyze a recent case involving a mother who asked the court to suspend the father’s in-person parenting time with their daughter after learning that he had received only a first dose of the COVID vaccination.

Check out this IG Live to learn how the judge ruled in this case.

Serving clients during COVID-19

As we navigate the new normal amid the COVID-19 pandemic,
the safety and well-being of clients is my top priority. Social distancing is vital right now to prevent the spread of the virus so I will continue to work with clients through virtual meetings. If you have any questions or concerns about your family law matter or would like to schedule a meeting, please reach out to me by email.


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