You inspire me to want to be better in many ways. I truly look up to a blessing and loving, kind, strong mentor in my life. Thank you.

Leanne is that rare combination of knowledgeable and highly capable, but also caring and personable. She understands that there are many layers to deal with when going through a divorce, and is there to help with many of them (legal and coaching) and provide resources to others to fill in the gaps.

You made a positive difference to my life this year, through your IG, coaching and legal.

I believe in women encouraging other women and you inspire me to be strong and that things will work itself out. I am a single mom, with a daughter and I left my marriage a few years ago and it's been a hard journey. I just want you to know that I think what you are doing is fantastic. As a Mom, it can be scary and well I find you like a ray of sunshine.

You are a Renaissance Woman.

Leanne has both the professional qualifications and real life experience to help women who are transitioning through the challenges of separation and divorce. As a lawyer she knows how the courts work and the practicalities of the legal world. As a divorced mother and survivor of depression, anxiety and other life challenges, she knows first hand how challenging it can be to break free from these obstacles and the importance of connecting with the right help in order to be able to move forward. Leanne has a unique balance of empathy, compassion and practicality all of which are important qualities for an effective Life Coach. Her easy going manner and big heart put clients at ease immediately while her experience and professionalism foster trust in her coaching process. Leanne is an empowered woman who is dedicated to sharing her knowledge, wisdom and healthy strategies with those who are looking for true change and vitality.