The Great COVID-19 Vaccination Debate

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Leanne’s Divorcing Well podcast: Healing from the trauma of divorce

Divorce is always stressful, but sometimes normal stress can develop into more serious issues, such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

That’s one of the topics we dove into in a recent episode of Divorcing Well featuring Love Life Coach Diana Mikas.

During divorce, many people go into warrior mode, but that’s not always the healthiest reaction, says Diana, who has helped thousands of women recover, recharge and reclaim their love lives after divorce.

When your brain is stuck in a loop of negativity, it needs to be unlocked, she explains. The best way to do that is to connect with how your body feels by walking in nature, meditating, exercising and eating healthy food.

If you’re coping with the trauma of divorce, this episode is for you. 

Listen to the episode on Apple or Spotify.

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Tips to help self-represented litigants in family court

Family law courts in Ontario are seeing more people opting to represent themselves rather than hire a lawyer. There are a variety of reasons for it, including a lack of financial resources and challenges in finding a lawyer. But sometimes, people make a strategic decision to self-rep, which can end up backfiring. 

Self-represented litigants (SRLs) don’t often have favourable outcomes in family court — their success rate in motions and applications is just 12 per cent.

With that in mind, I’ve put together a new blog that’s jam-packed with tips and guidance for how SRLs can better prepare for their court appearances.

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COVID-19 vaccination face off: Townsend vs. Benmor

Even though a vaccination for COVID-19 isn’t yet available, there’s growing debate among divorced parents as to whether or not children should receive it once it is.

In a recent Instagram Live with family law lawyer Steve Benmor, we debated the issue in a mock trial where we each represented one of the parents of eight-year-old Joey. Though the family was fictional, Steve and I both used arguments we expect lawyers will present in court when parents are at loggerheads on the issue.

Steve took the pro-vaccination position while I presented arguments against it. The result was one of most-watched IG Lives we’ve hosted since the pandemic began. It offers a sneak peak for what’s to come in future family law cases.

Check out the replay here.

COVID-19 Vaccination Debate

Brené Brown's path to wholehearted living

Looking to cultivate a more authentic way of living in the world? Or to let go of the crushing anxiety you’ve been battling for years? World-renowned research professor Dr. Brené Brown has your back.

Brown, a New York Times bestselling author, has released the Wholehearted Inventory assessment, a research-based tool that can help you gain better insight into your strengths and opportunities for growth.

The Wholehearted Inventory is based on the 10 guideposts in Brown’s book The Gifts Of Imperfection that provides a roadmap to creating a wholehearted life. And honestly, who doesn’t want that?

“The only way we achieve a wholehearted life is by summoning the courage to be vulnerable. Now more than ever we need to practice self-compassion and cultivate feelings of self-worth to make way for self-discovery, personal growth and love,” she writes.

Serving clients during COVID-19

As we navigate the new normal amid the COVID-19 pandemic,
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