The Top 5 Causes of Divorce

For many couples, divorce is an awful reality. According to Nathan Ganapathi, “it is likely that around 38% of marriages in Canada end in divorce” (Ganapathi). Despite the fact that the causes of divorce are numerous and complex, there are a few common factors that always seem to cause marriages to fail.

One of the most frequent causes of divorce between spouses is infidelity. It may be challenging to recover from and can lead to a breakdown in communication and trust. Cheating may destroy a marriage, whether it is a brief affair or a sustained affair. The other partner may experience hurt, rage, and loss as a result of the betrayal. Because infidelity often leaves its mark and cannot be repaired, many marriages end in divorce.

2.Financial Difficulties

A marriage may be severely strained by financial difficulties. Financial issues can lead to stress and conflict in a relationship, whether they are brought on by debt, a job loss, or variations in spending habits. Money disputes between couples can result in frustration and rage. Financial strain over time can have a negative impact on a marriage and influence the decision to file for divorce.

3.Poor Communication

Every relationship, including marriage, depends on effective communication. Conflicts and misunderstandings can develop when communication goes downhill. When discussing delicate subjects, couples may cease talking to one another or exhibit defensive behavior. This may cause the relationship to end eventually. Couples sometimes struggle to communicate their wants or feelings, which can cause resentment and discontent. Persistent communication issues may have played a significant role in the decision to split.

4.Change Over Time

Some relationships just fall apart over time. It may be challenging to sustain a healthy relationship when they have different goals, hobbies, or values. Some couples could have rushed into marriage without having a complete grasp of one another. They may come to the realization that they are no longer compatible as they develop and change. Divorce might be the wisest course of action when incompatibility is a significant problem.


Abuse can be verbal, emotional, physical, or any combination of these. Keeping up a healthy relationship can be challenging when one partner is aggressive. Abuse can install worry, fear, and depression, which can cause the relationship to fall apart. The victimized partner could occasionally feel imprisoned in the relationship or powerless to end it. But divorce could be the only option to move on and protect oneself when abuse is prevalent.

To sum up, divorce may be a challenging and traumatic process for everyone concerned. Even though these causes could be frequent, each couple’s circumstance is different. It’s critical to look for support and direction during this existing situation. Counseling or therapy may be beneficial for couples looking to mend their relationship. On the other hand, divorce can offer a fresh start and the chance to go on to a better, happier life.


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Written by North Toronto Co-op Student, Malak Mohamed

Leanne Townsend Lawyer and Divorce Coach
Leanne Townsend is a multifaceted entrepreneur and attorney experienced in the areas of family law and domestic violence. She provides a full range of family law legal services in addition to running workshops and other programs to support people as they go through divorce.

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