Uncovering hidden assets in divorce: expert insights from a forensic accountant

Dividing assets in a divorce
Dividing assets in a divorce can already be tricky, but what happens when one spouse suspects the other is hiding money or other assets to avoid paying their fair share?

On a recent episode of the Divorcing Well podcast, Leanne Townsend spoke with forensic accountant Dave Oswald about the challenges and strategies involved in uncovering hidden assets in divorce cases.

Oswald, CEO of Forensic Restitution, stressed the importance of evaluating the potential gains against the costs of an investigation, noting that accusations of hiding small amounts of money may not justify the expense. However, if substantial assets are in play, it could warrant a thorough investigation.

If you suspect your spouse is concealing money or assets during your divorce, make sure you tune in to this episode!

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Dividing assets in a divorce
A divorce marks the end of a marital relationship, but for parents, it’s the start of a new co-parenting journey.
This transition is crucial for the well-being of your kids.
In a recent blog, Leanne Townsend shares tips for fostering a positive co-parenting dynamic post-divorce.
Understanding the importance of positive co-parenting and maintaining clear, honest, and respectful communication is key. This includes discussing parenting schedules, the children’s activities, important decisions and more.

Establishing reliable parenting guidelines and rules helps create consistency for the kids, providing them with a sense of security and stability amidst the changes that come with divorce.

Conflict is normal in co-parenting, but it is essential to resolve it constructively with a calm, solutions-based approach. Mediation or family therapy can be beneficial if you struggle to manage conflicts.

Regular check-ins with your children and encouraging them to express their emotions and thoughts are crucial to successful co-parenting.

divorce lawyer Laura Wasser
Divorce is mentally taxing and stressful enough without the added stigma it carries. Phrases like “failed marriage” need to go, says celebrity divorce lawyer Laura Wasser in a People article.

Wasser has worked with several high-profile clients, including Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande and Kevin Costner. She says that even for celebrities, divorce is very emotional.

Wasser says the term “failed marriage” is toxic because it implies “you couldn’t keep ’em around,” when the reality is that the marriage ran its course. People experiencing divorce aren’t failures for not staying married; the experience has also brought important life lessons and change.

“If you have kids, you’re going to be dealing with that person not just until your kids turn 18, but probably for the rest of your life. So figure out a way to make it so that it isn’t a failure, but rather that it’s just an evolution or a change or next chapter,” Wasser told People.

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